Ivan Begić

“Climb the mountain 

so you can see the world,

not so the world can see you.”

I was ten when I first held a bow, the sharp arrow jutting out, pointing at an open world of possibilities. Months later, I found myself on the podium, clutching a second-place trophy. The thrill of competition had ignited something within me, a flame that would only grow brighter with time.

While some saw archery as a mere game, I saw it as a mirror reflecting life’s very essence. In archery, as in life, every shot matters. Every move has consequences. The key to winning, I realised, wasn’t about focusing on the competition, but on honing my own skills, refining my aim, and rectifying my mistakes. It was this lesson that steered my life, pushing me to strive for continuous self-improvement

My life took an unexpected turn when I lost my biggest role model to cancer. At fourteen, I found myself in a new city, far from home. It was a daunting change, but change often brings about unexpected opportunities. I plunged into a world of sports, picking up chess, table tennis, football, and bodybuilding, even training in MMA. Every new venture, every triumph and defeat, only reinforced the lessons archery had taught me.


Chess, in particular, mirrored my philosophy. The game was a testament to the fact that defeat was the outcome of one’s own errors, and improvement was always within reach. It was a game, a sport, a life lesson – all wrapped in one.


I also found solace in writing, letting my thoughts flow freely, crafting verses, and spinning stories. The Greek philosophers, with their profound wisdom, were a constant source of inspiration. The legends of history were my teachers. From Alexander the Great’s strategic brilliance to Julius Caesar’s unwavering ambition, from Hannibal Barca’s resilience to Abraham Lincoln’s principled leadership – I learned from them all.


As I look back on my journey, I am reminded of the young boy who fired his first arrow, of the lessons learned, and the experiences gained. And as I look ahead, I see an open world of possibilities, just like the one I saw as a ten-year-old archer. And I know that the key to navigating this world is continuous self-improvement.


It is their wisdom and my experiences that have shaped my worldview and continue to guide me. It’s a journey of resilience, reinvention, and continuous learning – a journey where history, sports, and life intersect.

I welcome you to be a part of this journey. Let’s learn, grow, and write our stories together.